NGH 9cc petrol engine

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NGH 9cc petrol engine

Postby oldsapper » Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:07 am

Have just received the above from HiModel (would have been somewhat cheaper if I had waited for HK to re-stock them :cry: ) RC Forums have 64 pages of posts on this one engine, it certainly appears to have some issues, but I now have all the items for the suggested mods. Being about the smallest petrol engines available, and with a plain (as distinct from roller) crankshaft bearing, general opinion is that it needs a lot of oil; one experienced owner even advocating 15/1 using fully synthetic. So I was considering this ratio using Morgans Coolpower blue. I would appreciate comments. Bruce, if you hapen to read this, did you get to do that promised review of model engine oils ?
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Re: NGH 9cc petrol engine

Postby bogbeagle » Thu Nov 08, 2012 5:54 pm

The Saitos are also plain-bearing ... I think that they use about 5% oil.

Originally, they recommended 3.5%, but then there was a spate of bearing failures. I'd go for about 6% or 7% ... much as your friend recommends.

The car boys only use about 8% in their glow-engined vehicles; and they give them some hammer. (afaik)
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