OneDime 50A ESC, reinitialize?? at low throttle

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OneDime 50A ESC, reinitialize?? at low throttle

Postby takilara » Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:26 pm

I've just bought a OneDime 50A ESC. Never heard of it before, but it was the only ESC available at that amperage in the shop.

It seems to work ok, however, 4 seconds after i reduce throttle to 0 (all the way back), it will play its initialization song again.
After this happens, it seem somewhat hesitant to give me full throttle, untill i've given full throttle for a few seconds.

This ESC does not have an option to set throttle high and low, it can be set to autosensing, or locked to a certain range.

I tried to set it to the locked range, however it still played the song 4 secs after low throttle, however it seemed slightly faster to give full throttle now, but i still don't trust it enough to ever give 0 throttle in the air..

I have looked around for any data on this ESC but havent found any, but maybe you guys know of other acting similarily?
maybe i need to set the trim, or EPA for throttle to something non default..?

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