Twin ESC Throttle Range calibration question

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Twin ESC Throttle Range calibration question

Postby nkkromhof » Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:50 pm


Odd situation:
Over on I helped a couple of guys with a problem they were having with a twin motor setup, only problem is: now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not real sure why it made a difference :P

Their plane would yaw in flight, unless they gave it full throttle, coincidentally one motor would appear to spin up a little bit before the other one did.
I advised them to calibrate the ESCs individually, without the other one attached and it worked.

I arrived at this suggestion partially because in building multirotor aircraft you do the same thing in most cases, you calibrate each ESC on its own. In the case of multirotors this might be because there's a flight controller involved, but still.

Problem is, now I'm left wondering why this makes a difference in the case of a twin motor setup? Judging by the reply I received this gentleman had calibrated the throttle range before with both ESCs connected at the same time.
Wouldn't both ESCs "see" the same signal, regardless of whether they're in parallel or plugged in by themselves?

See: ... tcount=158

I was hoping someone with some more technical insight could shed some light on this, to satisfy my curiosity :)
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