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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:39 am
by evolusia
Hi can anyone help out here. I have acquired an ESC and Scorpion 2221-8 motor in a Mini Titan . The ESC does not have any ID and I would like to double check to see if it has a soft start option, and if it does that it is set up correctly. At the moment the ESC kicks up the motor with a bump before dropping back and following the stick movement. I have tried the usual set up procedure to get the ESC into programming mode, ie TX on, stick high, power up heli, but all that I get is a series of incrementing beep codes ( 1 beep, 2 beeps, 3 beeps....up to 16) until the sequence starts again. There is hardly any time to drop the stick to the low position to accept a code before the next set of beeps starts so I am not sure if I am in the correct mode. Any one have any info or might have come across this particular programming cycle.

With thanks


PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:58 pm
by pushinoldrc
You may want to try an ESC program card. I have bought many no-brand-name ESC's off of ebay, and some program as a Mystery ESC, and others only have 3 series of beeps upon program setting. I am expecting a program card in the mail, but until I receive it, I won't know if it is helpful or not.