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Magnetic Induction Servo

PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:30 am
by xbreadrcluvr
Hi all,
Here is a different approach to RC servos. I was looking for some servos for a Trex 500 clone and stumbled across these interesting newby's.

Blue Arrow (China) have released a range of Magnetic Induction high torque servos with no potentiometers??

Have a look at the DMS28013MG (what a mouthful!) At $21.00 AUD + shipping I am more than a little interested.

Anyone throw some light on this type of technology? I haven't seen it anywhere else

Re: Magnetic Induction Servo

PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:28 am
by RCModelReviews
I believe Hitec have also started manufacturing servos with a magnetic position encoder instead of a pot.

I guess it depends on whether your servos last long enough to wear out their pots or not.

I've got some servos that are decades old and the pots are just fine.

It may be a solution looking for a problem. I'll have to get ahold of one and see how they perform.