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Optic 6 - Gyro switch Howto

PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2010 10:26 pm
by takilara
This post is a shorter version of a post i put at helifreak and heliguy, i thought maybe it could help someone:

The Optic 6 manual states that the gyro channel has to be attached to a flight mode. At the same time, the manual also describes SW-2 as Gyro switch, but does not explain how to configure this.

Some googling and fiddling around gave me this approach to do this:
  1. Disable gyro in Tx (Inh)
  2. Maybe reverse channel 5
  3. Change EPA for channel 5, both switch positions (i started with 50 for each, and worked from there)

I ended up with the following:
  1. GYRO: Inh
  2. REV: Ch 5: N
  3. EPA: Ch 5, L/U: 30
  4. EPA: Ch 5, R/D: 70

Well, I hope this is useful for someone.