Walkera Devo12S DSSS, Any good??

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Walkera Devo12S DSSS, Any good??

Postby yellowbird911 » Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:40 pm

I have purchased a Devo12S and am waiting for it to arrive. Flying Hitec Aurora9 now but need more channels. I love the looks of this radio and like the larger size since I have large hands and the H9 is a little small. I did not look into the 2.4 as closely as I should have. From what I have read the previous Walkera Pro stuff is a FHSS of sorts but they are called the Devo a DSSS system. This concerns me since at our field we had several problems with DSM2, probably more due to set up but who knows. I emailed Walkera and aske and they assured me it was more secure than a FHSS system but what can they say. Hoping someone can explain why they would switch back to a DSSS from FHSS? Also below is the FCC testing report, can someone decipher if this is any better than a DSM2 system? I posted all these questions on RCGroups but people don't seem interested in how the 2.4 actually works. Have several of the RCmodel review on Youtube and they are very impressive, thanks for your time.

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