alernatives to 9X for DIY frsky ??

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alernatives to 9X for DIY frsky ??

Postby S-rob » Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:49 am

Hi there.
Just considering some options while I wait for parts.....
Any recommended alternatives to the 9X for the DIY FRsky hack.
Something with more than 8 model memories, and a reasonable price
eg maybe a used DX7 ?? or some other used TX ?

How much use can a used tx have before it starts getting worn/sloppy controls ?? how old is too old ??
Will a used tx have nicer feel to the controls than a new 9X??

I have a new 9X waiting for mod, & a Frsky DIY on the (very) slow boat to NZ. Im just considering other options before I start 'hacking'
Im using a DX6i at the mo, the 9x doesnt feel as nice (to me). Maybe just because Im used to fell of the Spektrum ??
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Re: alernatives to 9X for DIY frsky ??

Postby quarry44 » Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:31 pm

To be honest,I have both 9x and Futaba tx's,and I don't notice any difference at all while I'm flying.I do have Frsky conversions in all my tx's(5),Mainly because I prefer the small size of the Frsky rx's.
I have witnessed too many problems with Spektrum to ever consider them.I have never been a JR fan,so a used Futaba would be my choice.My 7UAP must be at least 15 years old,yet still performs well.Mind you,I got it from a mate,so I knew the history of it.
Since the wholesale move to 2.4ghz,35 and 40 mhz tx's can be had for relatively bargain money.
Btw.,I have a spare Frsky plug-in module for Futaba if you need one.
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