JR XG8 Update failure

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JR XG8 Update failure

Postby aerodol » Fri Dec 21, 2012 5:57 am

Last week I bought a radio JR XG8, it came with firmware version 0008, on the website of JR were all the instructions on how to update it, and as was the latest 0012 version I decided to do it, it seemed a simple process.
Download the compressed file with the update from the website of JR Propo, unzipped it and proceeded to copy it to the memory card as indicated in the instruction video. The Verbatim SD Card 2Gb memory was formatted in FAT mode, previously used on the radio to check copying models that give no errors, with the battery fully charged, I proceeded to the update, turning on the transmitter with the function button pressed, display immediately showed me the software version and the new version to upgrade. I accepted the update and turned off the tx, supposedly in one minute would complete the process. But here is where the problem starts ... The transmitter after 2 hours is not turned off and did not complete any process. The only way was to disconnect the battery after waiting another hour, but now the radio control system does not turn the lights after a minute start blinking, and change color from blue to red.

There is some form of emergency recovery?
Or failing system crash updating becomes completely unusable radio??
I would appreciate your help
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