Help me pick a new TX.....

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Help me pick a new TX.....

Postby N3217J » Thu Jul 11, 2013 5:38 pm

I use to be in R/C many years ago but life happened and I had to abandon my hobby. Well I`m back but things have changed so much I can`t believe it...I`m looking to buy a radio that will take me way into the future, I have a couple in mind but would like to get some input. Right now I`m building a Senior Telemaster to do some training with to get my thumbs back into shape and will later be using it for FPV. I also will be building some giant scale war birds to fly over the next couple years and I would`t mind getting into flying some heli`s also. I`m just trying to give you an idea of what I`m looking to do so you can help me make the right decision. I was thinking about getting the Futaba 14sg, seems to be a great radio that will take the ride with me into the future. It seems to have every feature I would need and I like the s-bus setup for all the servos on the war birds. Also looks to be easy to program and has all the mixing I could ever want. I also figure that since I don`t have any other equipment that I need to match this to everything I get can be for a Futaba setup. The only thing I see that I don`t like is that you can`t use it with any bind & fly combos(so I guess I would have to use my own RX in them ?). Anybody have any radios they think would be a better choice and maybe why you feel that way ? Am I on track with my thoughts about this radio ? ...Thanks, AJ
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Re: Help me pick a new TX.....

Postby coriolan » Wed Dec 25, 2013 11:36 pm

Futaba doesn't offer any BNF models so you might be better off with a module based radio(like the new FrSky Taranis)which allow you to use any JR format module or the AnyLink system. If you intend to do FPV latter on, FrSky has long range receivers planned: ... combo.html
Its a bit hard to get (there is a big demand for the Taranis!)and there is a waiting list but its an amazing radio with unlimited abilities at a very reasonable price and good quality.
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