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9xr and XJT problem

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:35 pm
by Sborto
Hi guys,
I have a problem when trying to use a 9XR, Fatshark Attitude SD and FrSky XJT module.
I have been using an Orange module for a while now without any issue and wanted to upgrade to a frsky system.
And now it's failing me: when I plug the JR cable from the goggles to the transmitter, the receiver is acting like crazy and sending fluctuating inputs to the KK2 board ( also occurs when plugging a servo directly to receiver). You can see the effects when I plug the cable in the video below.
When using the futaba port ( initially not supporting the headtracking) no problem. When I use this module in a 9X this does not happen. When I use the Orange Rx module again in the 9XR no problem. Playing with the PPM settings seem to inluence the problem. I think something 's wrong in the 9XR but then why isn't it doing the same with the ORX module?
The 9XR is flashed with the latest opentx version.
Any idea please.