A wave of fake Spektrum products about to appear?

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Re: A wave of fake Spektrum products about to appear?

Postby hakank » Sat Jan 28, 2012 6:00 pm

aeajr wrote:So, how are all you users of Fake Spektrum receivers doing?

I have so far tried:
Used in 1.4 meter F3A pattern ship
Used in the AXN floater.
Hobby king's orange 6 channel, the tiny 6 channel and a tiny 4 channel
Used in various EPP / depron indoor planes.

No problems yet :-) Both the 5 and 6 channel listed first was flown quiet some bit away. The AXN was actually hard to see from time to time. I could test the 6 channel as I have more of them on the shelf if I get a test case which is fairly easy to perform.

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