Rescue Parachute - By triggered by Barometric interface

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Rescue Parachute - By triggered by Barometric interface

Postby konturger » Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:23 am

Hi Bruce,

maybe this will find its way into one of your project videos.

A small parachute (just giving enough lift to prevent a harmful impact), is been deployed by servo trigger from a barometric impuls, or triggered when a switch is activated on the remote control.

Finding a fitting adruino (maybe micro) or even with cheeper controller. Creating a small pcb with ATMEGA or similar and a barometer sensor that is been red out every 20-50ms to check for un-normal sink rate. (which is barometric pressure increased over time). This result a motor shut or power cut and a capacitor shoot the parachute. The capacitor makes sure even a loss of battery will catch the quad copter.
The chute is a real life deploy/pilot chute from my old rig (parachute system) with a 60cm diameter chute within a simple unsharp cutted redbull thin :-)
A feather plate build pressure to the chute inside the thin, which is locked by a loop/cord with a simple flink servo, that deploy the chute system.

On the fallowing failure the parachute is deployed an the motors stopped:
- battery cut/failure
- ESC/Motor failure (automatic due freefall, or switch)
- by pilot decision (remote)

As you are pretty experienced with electronic, rc and are considered in safety, this may inspire you to make video on how to make this project work.

Here some videos on what inspired me into this project:
My big passion skydiving let my think of this: ... 91&lang=en
other similar project:
and here:


Thanks in advanced,
Happy Landings,

Skydiver,R/C Quad Pilot, and x-Plane junkie :-)
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