HobbyKing's postal services

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Re: HobbyKing's postal services

Postby Startazz » Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:05 pm

Heres yet another update about the extra TAX i had to pay
for my parcel from HK,yes i've been stuffed i won't be getting
it back,well i didn't think i would but no harm in trying right,
so i had to pay an extra £20.50 i think it was for my order
off HK when the parcel came into my country,still it just
works out cheaper than if i had got it from my LHS ;)
Heres the email i got back from them and the link they
sent me to there website which covers them from this
sort of thing :evil:

Dear Customer,

Thanks for your email.

About tax that customer was charged, we have statement on our "support" page:

It is your responsibility to pay any fees charged by your local customs or postal office, should they be incurred.
Look at the 9th paragraph down to see how they cover
them selves,you say it's my fault i should of
read every page on there website before making an
order :oops: i didn't see this how ever when
making the order :roll: never mind i know now.

So be warned people it seems it's like a lottery weather
we get charged for the extra TAX or not on our orders/
parcels from HK when they arrive in your home country.
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Re: HobbyKing's postal services

Postby RCModelReviews » Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:57 pm

Yes, import taxes and VAT/GST are always a risk when you import direct.

A friend imported an 87" Yak ARF and 55cc DLE motor (in the same shipment) with a total value of well over NZ$1,000 this week. It sailed through customs without a problem -- even though they should have held it and charged 12.5% GST on the landed value because it was worth more than NZ$400.

As you say, it's a lottery.
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