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Postby cynr100 » Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:10 am

If you ever in your life time get the opportunity, go view an eclipse of the sun.
Living in Cairns, Australia we had the golden opportunity this morning to view such an event, not a partial but a full eclipse. I managed to take only 2 pics, I was so engrossed in the event and praying for the clouds to part.
This one with shakey hands using the cheap solar eclipse "glasses" as a filter taken at 0614

This one taken without any filter at 0638 about 1 minute before total eclipse, notice how dark it is (normally this time of day I'm wearing sunnies), I couldn't wait for the total to occur then take a pic as clouds were forming again:

Sorry the pics aren't all that great but WOW........what an event :o 8-)
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