Advise for velocity and impact force computation

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Advise for velocity and impact force computation

Postby bradp » Fri Dec 30, 2016 2:57 pm

Im looking for information in an area I'm not familiar with.....
I do realize that my question doesn't reflect the complex nature of this subject, but any thots and comments are welcome.
The q relates to impact force of a multicopter failure that results in free fall descent. I understand that there are many more parameters to getting provable data, but let's just start in a simple system first.
here's the Q:

If I had an object falling from a certain height, what would be an estimate in joules of the impact force at the ground? Atmospheric conditions could be preset and equal for the diff. objects. Object shape and diameter could also be preset.

1. 1.37lbs falling from 60ft
2. 2.82lbs falling from 60ft
3. 2.82lbs falling from 200ft
4. 2.82lbs falling from 400ft

Now if I artificially reduced the rate of descent with the 2.82lb object, can the impact force be solved?
ex. Say from 73 feet per minute reduced to 17 feet per minute.

My goal is to compare the impact force of #1 to #4 above, but with #4 the feet per minute descent reduced to 17 feet per minute.

Q: Am I correct if saying, with equal mass, shape, environmental conditions the same, an object falling from a higher distance will have a greater force when contacting the ground.

Hope Iv explained this correctly! Apologies if not! (help!!)
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