Boscam HD19 camera

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Boscam HD19 camera

Postby hajime8039 » Mon Sep 16, 2013 1:57 pm

Hi everyone. I'm from Japan and new to the community and also a newbie. I'm a big fan of RCMR and I always watch it in youtube. Right now I fly a DJI F450 with
Naza-M/GPS. Just today, my first FPV camera arrived. It's a Boscam HD19 camera. So I hooked it up and set it. Just one problem, the remote camera and video
switcher doesn't work as it should be. I connected it to channel 6 of my receiver which is a 3-position switch. The video record switch work but the camera switch won't. What could be the problem? Tried sub-trim adjusting, travel limits but it's the same. Camera shutter works on the unit button itself. But not in remote.

Need help. Thanks in advance.


Edit: I solved it on my own. Seems to be the firmware. I updated it and it works fine now. It also has a OSD on and off fuction now. Video rec icon is now a single
red dot.(not animated)
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