Skywalker variants

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Skywalker variants

Postby CTiger49 » Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:56 am

I'm just getting started in FPV, and am considering a Skywalker for my first FPV plane... But which one? I've seen many models available at many different suppliers, but almost nobody has more than one model, and NOBODY explains the differences. I've seen a 1680, an 1800, a 1900. Some have a sleek EPO boom and some have the carbon fiber boom reinforcer exposed. Some have hi-tech orange attachments for pod/boom/stab. Some have different shaped wings. Some look like the pod is cavernous, and some look like a tight fit. Does anyone have a grip on the Skywalker version differences? Attributes an capabilities? Thanks in advance.

Well, I guess after a month and no one offered even a single bit of info, and since I'm too new to be allowed to PM the "boss", my only recourse is to jabber mindlessly on everyone else's postings... Just to build participation volume. No, wait! There's enough of that.
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