Where to buy (and not to buy)

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Where to buy (and not to buy)

Postby S-rob » Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:55 am

Hi there .
A sugestion for the 'where to buy' forum

Perhaps a 'stickied' post with a list of reliable online vendors who..
- ship within 2 days
- actually stock the goods listed
- offer reasonably priced shipping (not $25 to ship a $5 part)

any suggestion of vendors to add could be in a reply, & the original post edited to include that vendor (or remove a vendor)

Should I just start such a topic & it would naturally just get bumped to the top as new vendors get added
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Re: Where to buy (and not to buy)

Postby heliplanes » Sat Nov 09, 2013 1:47 pm

If it costs a company $25.00 to a $5.00 part the obviously they have to charge the same amount. Nothing too deep to understand there.

Your idea of a "safe" vendor is not necessarily one of anyone else's.

Listing a business in your "Not to Buy" category could ultimately get you in a lot of trouble.

Due to many reasons (lack of staff) it's not always possible for "every" business to "always" ship within your two day deadline.

Any business knowingly advertising stock they don't actually have is illegal in some countries EG, Australia. If this upsets you, go to another dealer.

Your idea is old hat. It sounds as if you have a beef with a particular company but want to tell everyone under the banner of "a list"

I wonder if you would like every business you've ever dealt with to have a list of good and bad buyers? I'm sure you would be among the first to complain.

If I know a company has 1,000 happy customers but just 3 of them are unhappy and making lists of who to buy from and not buy from. I would still use that company to purchase what I need and totally ignore a very small minority. The problem is, we rarely hear from happy customers but never fail to hear about unhappy ones. How often do we hear of happy and contented HobbyKing customers. Maybe I'm your first. HobbyKing in my estimation is at the top of the list as a way to shop. They do have a number of problems and slowly they are getting sorted out. They are much better than 3 years ago and I have little doubt they will be much better in 3 years time. They are the victim of growing too fast too soon. Things are improving almost every day.

Sorry, but I think a list is asking for trouble. Also likely to cause problems with those not agreeing with others findings. Better we all find our own favourite sellers and stick to them and not put up with biased and unfair listings. These are just my opinions and others may disagree. It certainly hasn't garnered too many supporters though, has it?
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