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Postby oliverporter100 » Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:08 pm

I followed your sites for over two years and have very mixed feelings. My problem with the sites is the fact that you start a project, you might even get to a followup but you seem to lose interest or something else happens and the project is gone.

Frsky with voice kept us interested for some time and then it was gone, Hobby King turbine you received oil and fuel but now its gone. I want to support you because I think you are much needed in the hobby, but I wonder why projects can not be completed or you give SOME reason why you stop.

I have talked to many here in the US and many say the same thing. I think you would receive more $$$$$$$$$$ if people belived you would finish a project. Finish up projects and you would have the best airplane site on the web :D


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