A little news for Bruce

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A little news for Bruce

Postby heliplanes » Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:10 pm

Bruce, I notice on your administrator page you make comment regarding HobbyKing's forums. Obviously you refer to the "Answers" section. Things were rather bad some time ago but have now been partially fixed. Timeouts are now giving more time on line before being booted. Logging back in is now possible from the actual forum and page. It's at the top of the questions. No longer being taken away from the page. I tend to copy all posts I make just in case I get booted during a trip to the bathroom or drinking a cuppa. If I should be logged off I simply log back on and re-enter the post. The forum is rather archaic in use and I don't believe HobbyKing is very worried about what it's like. It answers questions they don't wish to be involved with and free advice is given by people not on their payroll.

It's still full of would be Pro contributors making their own points scores to gain the rating. Also multiple questions on the one subject is rife. I saw one instance of the same question being asked 4 times by different members, one after the other. Nobody bothers to read past entries for an answer and demand individual attention. Some form of moderation would be welcome but HobbyKing prefer the way it is and Rafferty's rules apply.

The unusual pack hunt for that golden 10 cent piece still abounds. It would be better if it was completely dropped. If people really wish to help they're not interested in a 10 cent bounty. Policing of posts is no longer seen as one of the regulars has left for greener pastures and the remaining one makes comments only and rarely.

In short it's a mess but a mess made by members and to many it's home (of sorts?) I wouldn't worry too much, you have enough to keep you occupied. Many questions are being answered and occasionally a new one appears :o
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