2.4GHz Turnigy 9x alternative antennae

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2.4GHz Turnigy 9x alternative antennae

Postby Pader » Sat Dec 01, 2012 2:45 pm

Hello folks,
I am relatively new at RC systems and I wonder if anyone can help with a query concerning antennae on the 9x system. I have been reading a lot on the efficacy of the Cloverleaf and SP antennae. I wonder, is it possible to fit these antennae in place of the original equipment units on both the TX and RX? What I had in mind was to fit an RP-SMA adaptor to the top of the TX so that I had the option of fitting the antenna directly to the top of the unit but giving me the alternative to use an extension cable to a future auto-tracking system. Also, the receiver unit supplied with the Turnigy has a single wire and not the two separate wires mentioned in the tutorials. Is it possible to fit a similar RP-SMA (but two antennae) arrangement to the RX.

Having watched Bruce's video tutorial on constructing a cloverleaf, what would be the effect of having two, slightly different tuned antennae on the TX and RX. What I meant is to tune to the first third of the band on one and the next third point on the other?

Please, when you have all stopped laughing, give me some constructive advice on this subject :oops:
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