Frsky Taranis Speaker Buzz

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Frsky Taranis Speaker Buzz

Postby Rusty1976 » Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:55 am

Hi Bruce

I recently purchased a Frsky Taranis, after playing around with it I noticed I get a bit of a buzz coming from the speaker. After a few searches on the internet I see this is a common problem and there are various suggestions to fix this.

I have watched many of your youtube vids and you seem to know your stuff so would like your input on this matter as I think you are still in the process of finishing off your review of the taranis.

The buzz from the speaker is not really noticeable unless you hold the speaker right to your ear but the annoying bit is if you use the headphones.
On my internet searches they mention to shield the speaker wires with this and that and cover the speaker with foil etc so as a quick test I thought let me disconnect the speaker and see if the headphones still have the buzz which they do so not sure if any of the fixes mentioned are actually going to resolve this.

On my searches I also see there is talk of a Taranis + (plus) coming out which suggests a better speaker and sliders maybe, not sure if this new model may resolve any buzz etc

Your thoughts?


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Re: Frsky Taranis Speaker Buzz

Postby robgrune » Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:16 am

caveat emptor = you get what you pay for.
The Taranis has great features for the price, IF it all works properly. FrSky may be using quality components, but may not - you the user may never know. Are you aware that ALL electronic components (resistors, fets, capacitors, chips, etc) are recycled and repainted in Shenzhen, to the point where you cannot discern them even under microscope? Think, where do these go? Even so, what is the engineering expertise for the unit? So, you expect to have iron-clad reliability for a lower price? Quality and price are diametrically opposed. To balance them, one must expect a compromise in the equation. Look at other reviews on this website, and you will find problems with all Chinese brands. We can only hope FrSky will become reliable.
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