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Re: Review: Hobby King support

Postby ergocentric » Fri Aug 06, 2010 3:14 pm

RCModelReviews wrote:If you're buying batteries,

Yes but only if they are light weight or expensive.
NiCd and often NiMH batteries are significantly cheaper through local sources due to postage vs. bulk shipping costs.
HK will never sell SLA (lead) batteries, local hobby shop is about $45 (Cdn) and alarm distributor is $13
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Re: Review: Hobby King support

Postby crampy » Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:04 am

So, how's that F-16 review going Bruce?
I've been keeping an eye on them at Hobbyking thinking "I'd like to have one of those, I wonder if they're any good?"

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Re: Review: Hobby King support

Postby RCModelReviews » Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:20 am

Waiting for the weather to clear so I can give it a throw ;-), just the facts.
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Re: Review: Hobby King support

Postby jkmrs » Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:34 am

I've placed about 20 orders with HK and never had a claim with HK customer service, so I can't say how flexible they are with part exchange or returns, but I did contact them a few times to get some information. I found them to be quick to answer, but most of the time either missing the point or completely wrong. First question was about a missing instruction manual. Answer, no way we can get it, even in electronic form, ask other customers to scan it for you.
Next, the DLE30 petrol engine was out of stock, so I asked what was the ETA for the next batch as the web site only indicates "stock updated frequently". Answer : Stock updated frequently means that the stocks are updated frequently, there is no ETA. That was over a month ago, an it's still in backorder, so I guess we all have a different definition of "frequently".
Then, I asked where I could get a spare fuselage for their EPP Mig 15. Answer : "sorry, the manufacturer does not sell spares". After some digging around, I found that the manufacturer (Art Tech) actually does sell spares! I sent the web link to HK Customer service, no answer.
And to finish, last Friday as I was looking for a 2.4ghz system to replace my Spectrum modules when I found that the FrSky had just been added to the HK pages. But only the combo module + 8 channels receiver. So I sent a mail to HK asking if they had any plan to sell receivers in the near future. Not 4 hours after I had sent the mail, the HK pages had been updated and now offered the full range of FrSky products, including the two way systems, all receivers, etc (but no sensors).
I was about to write HK to tell them to ignore my mail, but the answer was already there : "No, we don't plan to sell receivers, the manufacturer on sells combo"... Am I missing something ???

So overall, a very responsive customer service, but quite useless!
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Re: Review: Hobby King support

Postby palton » Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:16 pm

I got problems with two last orders (and a lot before those as well).

I have used a virtual Visa card, an e-card. I can issue my own Visa cards (from my internet bank), for one time usage (just like one time passwords), I set the amount its valid for, and the time, valid through. Lessons learned, this works great, but is it safe? not from a perspective that I have bumped into.

Last order, they charged me (clear from my bank transactions), i was charged for it. In my account @ HK site it says paid. They now claim that i need to verify my image, a picture of my card. to be able to verify it. Due to broken connections. I don't have an image, I have sent fully credit cards information though. As it's used up anyway, they have already charged me, and there is no possibility to charge anything more to the card, it's used up. Don't know where this ends up. Might be my last order from HK now. Don't dare to order more.

My previous order, then i did a miss take, i set the amount to high, then they charged me twice. So be aware, they can do whatever comes up to their mind..

I guess pay pal isn't to bad idea, based on these experiences. To me it was real neat to use one time visa cards, but i don't think so anymore. Have been working great with a lot of other company's though, except HK. They have given me headache..

I think Bruce said it, if you order, don't order for more money than you feel you can loose. I certainly agree with that.

I got my money back for my double charged account though. But they do a lot of miss takes and certainly don't get the point when trying to explain things. Not easy to discuss when they don't get the points and doesn't understand everything you say.

I have got problems with one order, where they just change whats in the order, without even asking or giving a notification of it. Just pure luck I manage to stop the order, have read about ppl who have the same experience, but got incorrect orders.

So be aware, it's not totally safe ordering from HK. Things happen and you might end up in probs or getting things you actually didn't order, getting something else instead. In some order, parts have been missing, but i didn't bother then, small amount of money and everything else was so cheap.

You get the service you pay for! I would say that is very true in HK case. It's best effort, it's slow unreliable, and dirt cheap. That compensates a lot. Don't buy more than you can afford to loose. Still a good deal, if you're lucky. Some people seems to be that as well..
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Re: Review: Hobby King support

Postby crampy » Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:01 pm

So.... Tell us about your first lfight of the F16 Bruce.
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