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Re: SkyAngel F-16

Postby RCModelReviews » Mon Oct 25, 2010 8:54 pm

Heather wrote:How fast is "Surprisingly fast" ? Did you get on your radar gun?


Well on the weekend I flew the F16 alongside a ParkZone Habu (which has been clocked at 150kph) and it was not noticeably slower than that.

It's probably a little small to cram the FrSky telemetry receiver & GPS in there and the guy who borrowed the radar gun has yet to return it so we'll have to wait a few weeks until I can get an absolute speed figure for it.

I did try some of those Turnigy nanotech batteries however, and they don't get nearly as warm as the stock battery, plus they give a bit longer flight-time., just the facts.
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Re: SkyAngel F-16

Postby Dale » Fri Oct 29, 2010 4:15 am

This model has prompted me to join the forum here and comment on it.

I bought this as i had a a space in my hangar for a small foamy after the demise of my eflite sea fury, and was bought purely on the basis of RCMR's positive review.
I certainly aren't complaining about cost. However i would love to vent about the shipping, costing more than the plane. (I ordered other stuff with it, so it all worked out not too bad anyway.
But the buggers who work in the shipping industry need a rocket under them, the box arrived several centimeters shorter than it left HK.
It's not worth me returning the machine, i've gotta try massage the foam back into the right shape.
The nose at the hatch section is bent, and the jetpipe is approximately a closed triangle.
Hopefully some careful massaging with the heat gun will allow it to take a vaguely round shape.
It appears all complete, including standard lipo, but i have some similar hyperions i'll try in it too.

So beware if you order foamies from these guys!
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