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Slope Soarer Reviews

Postby Roger » Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:30 am

I see on Bruce's latest video that he is about to review a few kit planes. I've been flying slope for the last 11 years, so I thought I might submit a few articles to Bruce reveiwing some of the Slope soarer kits on the market at the moment. Most noteably at the moment, the Foamworks V2 Fusion has just been released on to the market. While I don't have one myself yet, there are build threads underway on at the moment, and I will update links back here as soon as they have flown. V1 of this plane was awesome, brilliant learners and all round plane - V2 has a new airfoil and a lot of other improvements, so stay tuned.
Most recently I've built a Reaper 60" from South Pacific Models, and a 60" Zipper from Off the Edge in Ausy (Still yet to fly that one...)
(Motors...? Who needs em! :D )
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