2s lipo vs 3s lipo run times?

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2s lipo vs 3s lipo run times?

Postby vickyace » Wed Oct 12, 2016 9:19 am

I put a 3s battery in Vaterra Kemora and it's just way out of control. I had to dial the throttle back to 25% to make the car manageable. Now in theory, I should get longer run times with a 3s run at 25% versus a 2s lipo battery run at 75% of the same mah capacity, correct? The larger voltage causes a lower amp demand. So to go a set speed the 3s would use less amps? Also would I have to worry about higher temps since I'm only asking 25% of what it's capable of? I need to order batteries and was wondering if it was beneficial to run 3s vs 2s?
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