2016 World Drone Fpv Racing Championships

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2016 World Drone Fpv Racing Championships

Postby vickyace » Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:15 am


Team Tattu at 2016 World Drone Fpv Racing Championships
Championships in Hawaii!

Featuring sponsored pilots:
Danny Chan - Hong Kong
Johann Jean - France
Kun Huang Li - China
Xiao Li - China
Min Chan Kim - South Korea
Rudi Browning - Australia
Derek Quitugua - Guam
Dave Elliott - Guam
Kea Sasaki-Tom - Hawaii
Reiner Von Weber - USA
Alex Greve - USA
Florian Maussner - Germany
Jason Bouslaugh - USA

Special thanks to:
Hawaii Tourism Authority
Drone Sports Association
International Team Tattu Pilots
Video Produced by Miguel Gonzaga
Camera and Aerial photography by:
Orlando Benedicto Photography
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